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CEO/ Founder 

From sun-kissed islands of Dominica W.I and St. Croix USVI, to sunny San Diego, I'm a single mother on a mission: empowering people to win the money game!

I raised my two fabulous children, Andrew and Andreah, while juggling a career in finance while serving in the US Navy – talk about multitasking! ⚓️


Back in 1996, I started my journey with Primerica, armed with my insurance and investment licenses, and a passion for empowering lives.  I became "The Financial Coach" because I believe everyone deserves the tools to build a solid financial house. 

Over the years, I've had the joy of guiding thousands of families across the US towards financial freedom. From debt-drowning newbies to seasoned investors seeking new horizons, I've seen the light bulbs go on and dreams turn into reality! That's what fuels my fire.

I’m also a volunteer instructor for San Diego Financial Literacy Center, spreading financial wisdom to everyone from wide-eyed youths to seasoned seniors. Because money smarts are life smarts!

So, whether you're lost in the financial jungle, craving a budget makeover, or dreaming of early retirement, I'm your coach. Workshops, speaking engagements, one-on-one coaching – you name it, I empower it!


Let's chat, learn, and conquer that money game together! Turn your financial dreams into reality – schedule your free consultation today!  Click Here

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