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There are far too many people hurting financially in America and we could make a difference through a collaborative approach. For example, based on your professional background and life experiences, I am certain that you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to bring to the Table.

Financial Coach 4 U (FC4U) is licensed in multiple states and contracted with various top companies.

Financial Coach 4 U is led to inspire and educate families in the area of total financial management.
The FC4U Coaches are comprised of Industry professionals, stay at home moms and dads, Grandparents and College Students who have various specialties.  Collectively we have over 100 years of life experience and knowledge to share.

Financial Coach 4 U offers a Flexible, Independent Contract with absolutely ZERO QUOTAS to fill.  It is a one stop shop providing ALL types of money management assistance and savings to individuals and families.  Some topics include: Credit Repair, College Funding, Tax Free Retirement Planning, Life Insurance with living benefits, Health, Final Expense Insurances, Land Banking, Legal Services, Real Estate Investments, etc.  We provide detailed financial game plans to families, regardless of their income level. 

We have both a Licensed and a Non Licensed side.  To become a team member of FC4U, there is a one time enrollment fee of $199.   You will receive a turn-key proven system which includes one on one coaching and access to all of our affiliate marketing tools and resources.  We also provide unlimited leads to help jump start your business.

If you have a Life Insurance License, you are required to enroll in the FC4U Certification Class.  Your contract level starts at 50% and increases based on experience coachability and personal production.  We are NOT a multi level company.   We operate as a team offering mentorship and support every step of the way.

For folks who do not have a Life Insurance License and would like to pursue one, we offer an "In House" Scholarship which goes towards building your Financial Coaching Team.  You also have the opportunity to "Earn while you Learn" by marketing non-licensing products. 

We want families to understand that the key is not focusing on how much they make, but how much they keep.  Financial planning is not only for the wealthy it's for EVERYONE.

Here is a link to the Credit Repair side which is another area folks could get paid without a license. The commission is not as great but this company is BBB rated and they guarantee their work. 

Most people have no clue as to what Land Banking is. Land Banking is buying land before it is needed for development, based on growth projections. Then holding it for about 7-10 years and selling it for more than you bought it for. Way more.  Major companies and investors have been building wealth this way for decades. You can too, with $20,000 or more in cash or existing investments (IRA, 401k, etc).

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This just about sums up the main tools we use to help families.  If you like what you see,  click discover more to set up a face to face or virtual meeting of the minds with the Founder and CEO.

CEO/Founder - FC4U

Rae Russell

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