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While big name companies keep percentages, FC4U gives up 100%

Hurricane Relief for the Caribbeans

Hurricane Irma Damage
Together by Culture
Hurricane Irma Damage Jetty
VI Strong
Hurricane Irma Damage house
Hurricane Irma Damage st john

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Sept - Dec Campaign


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100 % of the proceeds will be donated

Keep Hope Alive

The Lutheran Social Services on St. Croix was recommended by my 8th grade teacher, Ms. Denise Bennerson.  She currently resides on the island, a wonderful photographer and publisher of her own wedding magazine.  Lutheran takes care of the adopted children and the old folks including the homeless etc, on St. Croix.  They currently have a drive going on right now for hurricane victims and 100% of the FC4U FUND$ will be donated to them.  I will be in constant communications with Junia John, the Director.  


Thanks for your donations 

Coach Rae Russell

CEO/Founder - FC4U

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